It is now widely reported, from such sources as CNN and the New York Times, that smell (olfactory) loss may be the first, or among the first, signs COVID-19. Unfortunately, without testing many people are unaware of smell loss, particularly loss which is less than total.

Olfactory testing is done in many physician’s offices, and screening olfactory tests are available through physicians’ offices, clinics, and hospitals, including VA hospitals. SensaMetrix, located in Haddon Heights, NJ, is the sole international supplier of inexpensive “scratch and sniff” validated medical smell tests that may be of value in identifying persons with otherwise unidentified COVID-19. However, it should be noted that such smell tests only evaluate one’s ability to smell, and are not intended to specifically diagnose, identify, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Now you can purchase your own credible at-home smell test kits to get credible and rapid results, right when you need them.