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Who We Are

SensaMetrix was founded on the need to help people collect and measure data based on the sense of smell.

\ ˈsen(t)s \
: a specialized function or mechanism, such as smell, by which we receive and respond to stimuli

\ ˈme-triks \
: a standard of measurement for analytical study

Making Sense of Your Senses

  • The loss of smell can be related to many viruses and diseases.
  • Smell loss can significantly impact your health and quality of life.
  • Taste is Reliant on Smell. (1)
  • Smell is Our Most Memorable Sense. (1)
  • Humans can Detect at Least One Trillion Distinct Scents! (2)
  • For additional questions, click here to find a doctor.

Quality Smell Test

The 8 scents are high quality and clear. This is the real deal.

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8 Item Smell Test


6 Item Smell Test



The 8-Item SensaMetrix Smell Test is based upon the National Health Survey of the US Government & the UPSIT, the most widely employed olfactory test in the world.



SensaMetrix offers a rapid self-administered 8-item smell test that can provide results within seconds.


This test is comprised of 8 scratch and sniff scents accompanied by multiple choice responses.

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