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From coffee in the morning to mouth washing liquid at night, different smells surround us and affect our behavior and emotion. We may not appreciate how intensely the smells shape our perceptual world and take it for granted until our sense of smell is diminished by colds, environmental impact or by aging. 

SensaMetrix provides products for monitoring and improving your sense of smell to improve your quality of life. We understand how important the sense of smell is to our health and daily lives. We are fully devoted to restoring and retraining your sense of smell.


Smell Training Kits

SensaMetrix realizes the importance of smell for people of all ages, so we designed a convenient package of 10 fragrances with appealing smells like peppermint and banana. Additionally, this kit was designed with ergonomic easy-to-open packaging. 

Scientific studies have shown that repeated exposures to distinct odors can help restore the decreased sense of smell caused by many factors. The SensaMetrix training kit is used to help improve your sense of smell. Relax and slowly breathe in each inhaler two or three times to get the full smell sensation to your olfactory nerve, which is the nerve that enables your sense of smell. Rest for five seconds after each scent until all inhalers have been sniffed. Do this before bedtime and upon awakening in the morning. Doing this daily should improve your sense of smell.

Quality Smell Test

The 8 scents are high quality and clear. This is the real deal.

Learn How the Test Has Helped Others Like You


Very pleased with this set!  Instructions are clear and scents are strong.  I hope it works for my post COVID nose!!

Etsy Review

Everything was packaged nicely with instructions and a log to monitor progress.  Shipping was very fast.  Would recommend


I was advised to purchase a kit in order to “retrain” my nose and smell recognition. As a result of COVID which turned into long COVID I had lost much of my smell and taste sensations. After getting confused during my search with AKC kits I discovered SensaMetrix. Great quality at a fair price. Fast delivery too! It’s a great solution for my problem.


Smells great!  Excellent quality item.  Matched description exactly.  Met all my expectations.  Shipped quickly.  Thank you!


 I did get off to a late and challenging start to my smell therapy. I use it as directed now (finally) and have been making small amounts of progress every week. Smell kit therapy was a treatment suggested to me by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock long COVID clinic. The COVID symptoms of no taste or smell. Phantom smells or smells which are not even close what to item should smell like are long lasting. Couldn’t figure out how to do a Etsy Review so here I am! I give you two thumbs up and two nostrils up! Thank you for what you do I appreciate you~~

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8 Item Smell Test


6 Item Smell Test



The 8-Item SensaMetrix Smell Test is based upon the National Health Survey of the US Government & the UPSIT, the most widely employed olfactory test in the world.



SensaMetrix offers a rapid self-administered 8-item smell test that can provide results within seconds.


This test is comprised of 8 scratch and sniff scents accompanied by multiple choice responses.

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